Dutch Tender Service is a new service provided by some experienced old hands. By people who know the North Sea like the back of their hand and who can blindly reach any anchorage. By entrepreneurs on the water and trouble-shooters out on the open sea.

Transport of supplies and parts

Delivery up to 145 pallets or 125 IBC units. Clear work - loading deck up of 150 m². Climatized transfer by 10 foot reefer. Storage and load facilities in Scheveningen harbour.

Passenger transfer up to 12 persons

Fresh water supply

Delivery up to 100 mt of Fresh water

MGO Bunkering

In close collaboration with licensed bunker suppliers, our Anteos can supply up to 130 mt MGO at anchorage areas within the state's territorial waters.

Salvage, tug support and anchor recovery

Anchor handling, anchor salvage, repairs or replacement. Towing and salvage.

Any other matters you could possibly think of

Dutch Tender Service likes to get its hands dirty helping you overcoming your difficulties. We will do everything in our power to help you out.